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How GCL Will Harm Our Communities

The harms that would be caused by the ill-conceived GCL are numerous.


The impetus for this is not from the people. No legislative or public vote has occured on this proposal. 


Wasted Tax Money

If ridership is low, as is expected, then passenger fares will not cover operation costs. And this will likely lead to local government subsidies, as has happened previously with other projects.

The Delaware River Port Authority estimated the construction cost in 2009 was $1.3B. Of course, it would be much more today.

This will be a transfer of taxpayer funds into an asset owned by Conrail, a for-profit corporation. 

We'll also have unexpected and unseen costs to taxpayers:

  • Lower taxes from impacted local businesses during construction, expected to be 8 years. 

  • Fixing the problems to the environment and safety.


Blocked Emergency Vehicles

Adding more crossing blockings by 145 times each day will also increase delays of paramedics, fire trucks and police. Buses can yield to emergency vehicles, but a train doesn't yield. And a crossing failure or train breakdown may cause a long-term block.


Congested Traffic

Instead of reducing traffic congestion, more trains at crossings will block traffic more, especially during rush hours. This will have a spillover increase of congestion on roads near the crossings, including the already major arteries: I-295 and Route 42.


Forced Property Loss

The current right of way isn't wide enough for the GCL. So eminent domain will be used, forcing property owners to give up some of their property. 


Children Killed or Injured

Children being struck by trains, either while on foot or in school buses, increases with more trains. And since these high-speed trains will be going through residential areas, we know the headlines of disaster will follow.


Environmental Damage

GCL construction and hazardous chemicals are sure to add to runoff pollution into our wetlands, and even possibly our drinking water. Areas in the path include endangered species. Even if protective measures are taken, accidents happen.


Increased Noise Pollution

In Woodbury alone, the GCL trains will sound their horns 2,400 times a day. According to the World Health Organization, prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage. Train horns can reach 110 decibels. equal to a rock concert.

For these and other reasons, we recommend a better alternative to the GCL high-speed train

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