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Proposed GCL Path

The project would be 18 miles with 14 proposed station stops. It will be constructed along the existing Conrail tracks right of way. Freight and passenger trains have been following this route since 1850. 

The GCL speed train is proposed to cut through many areas, bringing rumbling, horns, and danger at crossings.​

Starting at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden, it would travel next to the existing rail line through commercial and industrial areas, until Gloucester City, where it would begin impacting residential communities.

Other communities along the path are

  • Crown Point Road area

  • Woodbury

  • Woodbury Heights

  • Wenonah

  • Mantua Blvd. area

  • Sewell

  • Pitman

  • Rowan University area

  • Glassboro

The GCL route does not serve most of Gloucester County, namely highly-populated Washington, Monroe, and Logan Townships.


Residents in the impact areas may be accustomed to the negative issues of having freight trains travel through their communities; however, the speed passenger trains would bring a long list of additional problems that are incompatible for a peaceful home life.


Proposed GCL Path Leaves Out Most of Us

Choosing the right of way of existing tracks may cost less, but it won't efficiently serve the majority of people in Gloucester County. This was the conclusion the GC commission came to in 1996.


A lot has changed since 1850, before cars. Populations have grown in other areas of the county, which means this will be a big tax payer cost while only serving 22% of the population.

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