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Why You Should


  • Loud train horns every 7.5 minutes

  • Backed up traffic at intersections

  • Increased tax burden

  • Scarred landscape and environment

  • No public accountability

& Why You Should


  • Electric buses will be quiet

  • Electric buses won't pollute

  • Flexible in service area and timing

  • Flows with traffic instead of blocking

  • Lower tax burden

Current Activity: Get out the Vote

On August 14, the Mantua Township unanimously approved a referendum vote for residents to have their voices heard on whether they want high-speed trains coming through their community.

The date for the vote is November 7, the general election date. We are now educating Mantua voters. If you'd like to help, give us your contact info below.

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GCL and our Quality of Life

Besides efficient transportation, we expect our leaders to make decisions that improve our quality of life--not diminish it.

Of course, noise pollution increases stress and decreases residential property values because it reduces the quality of life. That's one reason why more trains are not the right answer here. Listen for yourself.

The sound you'll hear from the GCL trains:

The sound you'll hear from electric buses:

Did you stop the train recording before it finished?    Irritating, isn't it?

Now imagine living with that in your neighborhood once every 7.5 minutes.

That's one reason why we say electric buses are a better way.


Buses flow with the traffic instead of blocking traffic.

About Us

About Our Group

Our History

We are a grass-roots, consensus-led group opposed to the Glassboro-Camden Line, a new train line proposed for southern New Jersey to Connecticut.


We live in, work in, or are affiliated with the towns along the proposed GCL corridor.

We started collaborating through a Facebook group in December, 2020.

Our Position

The GCL is not the best transit option for this region.

If this region needs additional public transit, we believe that there are options that make better fiscal sense and can provide better value to our communities and NJ as a whole.

Although there are many alternatives, electric buses are the best option.

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Questions? We'll be glad to answer them.

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